About Us

After two years of research, development and product trials, Roc City Greens LLC. launched in May of 2019 and has been Rochester’s highest quality producer of microgreens ever since.

Owner and Operator - Branden Raczkowski, was looking to combine his passion for culinary with his professional background in environmental sustainability and food safety. Affordable nutrition with sustainably grown produce are what we strive to achieve and provide to Rochester and the surrounding areas. By growing locally and organically with modern techniques and equipment, we can do just that and ensure that every person is maximizing the nutritional value of what they’re eating because we eliminate the time between harvest and your plate.

Roc City Greens makes everything in small batches locally at their small growing facility based in a suburb of Rochester, New York and even supplies some local restaurants.

We want to give our customers healthy and delicious microgreens, but most of all, we want to expand people’s access to fresh microgreens by working with restaurants and grocers in our immediate area to provide hyper-locally sourced product to our community.